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The site:

This site is build with vi (like notepad for you Windowsers) and strictly follows the XHTML 1.0 standard. The main purpose for the site is education. I want to see how hard it is to follow the HTML standard. Most sites do not follow the standard and for that reason some brosers are unable to use the site.

One other reason is that I want to share my life experience.

The author:

My name is Anders Troback. I'm born on the 21th of February 1974. I live in the city of Angelholm, Sweden. I work as a IT-system/network engineer at Gelita Sweden AB.

When I'm not at work or sits in front of my home computers I usually spends time with my family. Other things I like to do are scubadive, skiing, drink whisky, karate, jiujitsu, yoga and work out on the gym.

I find spelling very hard, so please bare with me!

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