The site:

The initial reason I built this website was because I wanted to see how difficult it was to build a page that actually followed the HTML standard, which many did not, which in turn led to many pages not displaying properly with all browsers. This, in turn, led you to not be able to choose the browser you wanted, but was forced to use a proprietary browser, which mayby even forced you to use an operating system that you did not like.

Now the reason is more that I want a place where I have the opportunity to write about what I want to write about and in my way. I don't like the idea of the increasingly centralized platforms that most people use, where all pages are more or less the same. This removes both our personality and our freedom. The Internet was built to be a decentralized network free from large companies that do everything to trick you into becoming their product.

Please note that this site has nothing to do with my profession or the company that I work for.

The author:

My name is Anders Troback. I'm born on the 21th of February 1974. I live in the city of Angelholm, Sweden. I work as a Incident & Problem Manager at IT Garden.

When I'm not at work or sits in front of my home computers I usually spends time with my family. Other things I like to do are skiing, drink whisky, karate, jiujitsu, yoga, meditate and work out at the gym.

I find spelling very hard, so please bare with me!