Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don't you have images and other cool things on your site?
A: I like things simple, clean and fast.

Q: Why are there a password on the private section?
A: I just want to protect my private stuff from robots. Spamers have robots that are searching for e-mail addresses. Search enginges like Google chaches pictures and information and even if I removes a picture from my site people still can use Google to find it.

Q: How can I get access to you private area?
A: Send me a e-mail and I will give you the password.

Q: Can I use the pictures on your site as if the where mine?
A: No! All pictures belongs to me but if you want to use them ask me.

Q: Your spelling sucks!
A: English are not my native language but even if I wrote in swedish the spelling should still be very poor. If you find something that are wrong, please let me know.

Q: You are from Sweden, why are your site in english?
A: Internet are a world wide network and I think that the information should be in a international language.

Q: Is your site dead? You haven't updated in a long time!
A: It's not dead! I only have one problem, time!